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Nature Tourism

Ecovillage KEMERKASIM: Real village life concept

Come, be our guest in the real village Kemerkasım… Hospitality: Anatolia’s essenti al feature; Cozy village houses crowned with their people, with fi ve-star hotel comfort, White linens, kete, kömbe, natural food, Village friendliness and more are here… Wouldn’t you like to be welcomed with Aunt Durdu’s folk songs accompanied by tambourines? When you take a tour on the village road, goats, lambs… will be posing as if they were saying come on take our pictures… Aft er nice conversati ons with the elders by the historical aqueducts… Mrs. Reyhan’s team will be waiti ng for you with merriment entertainments…

You’ll see; the friendliness in the village will embrace you…

You will fulfi ll your longing you have been suppressing for years.

Your point of meeting with nature is in Kemerkasım; bird calls accompany you on pathways adorned with flowers...
The real village Kemerkasım is a very special geography where the visitors can discover the natural life. The warmest one of hospitality, one of our most beauti ful traditi ons in Anatolia, unites with friendliness and sincerity in Kemerkasım. Natural and delicious fl avors await visitors while village houses off er the comfort of fi ve-star hotels.

Within scope of ecotourism, pick your own fresh vegetables and fruits from branches in Kemerkasım... In EyeA Ecotourism Farm, the fl avors from nature meet your table. The taste of breakfasts had by the stream, accompanied with warm conversati ons, at weekends is indispensable.

In Kemerkasım Ecovillage, you can parti cipate in various acti viti es such as picking blackberries, hazelnuts in the hazelnut gardens in its season and vegetables in the vegetable gardens, located alongside the trekking routes, fi shing in ponds and streams, swimming in streams, etc. Do not forget to take along the foodstuff prepared by our village women... With the coff ee cooked in embers in the hazelnut garden, the parti cipants enjoy sincere and pleasant moments.

Kemerkasım Trekking
Aqueducts, Inner village route, Kemerkasım Historic Fountain, Kozluk Watercourse, Ponds (Swimming and Resti ng), Kozluk Fındıklı Locati on, Kemerkasım Headman’s House. Kemerkasım Ecovillage route: 10.03 km. Our routes have been fi nalized by the help of Google Earth