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What to Buy?


Handicraft edge embroideries, towel edging, laces are embroidered very finely and very painstakingly... For you, your beloved ones, or your dowry...

Homemade Jam

Make sure you taste delicious and natural jams made of diff erent organic fruits of Konuralp depending on the season.

Hot Sauce

A fl avor special to Konuralp... You can try the hot sauce with meat dishes, Turkish ravioli, or meat stuff ed vegetables; you can never have enough of it.

Village Bread

Make sure you taste the cornbread and Village Bread with Belamur baked in masonry ovens of Konuralp, and take some with you for home and your beloved ones.

Traditional Clothes

The most beauti ful samples of the traditi onal and historical clothes of our Anatolia are displayed in Konuralp Museum...

Konuralp Chestnut Honey

The taste of the fl agrant, natural chestnut honey presented by immaculate nature of Konuralp is totally diff erent...

Village Egg
Organic village egg, from chickens fed naturally and ranging freely... The real egg flavor you miss.

Handmade Woodwork
Konuralp has the most beauti ful samples of the handmade wood-stonework. You can take them as present to your beloved ones, or keep to yourself as a souvenir from your Konuralp travel.

Konuralp Rice
Aft er tasti ng the great fl avor of Baked Rice Pudding and Konuralp Rice with Phyllo and Meat, you will want to take this rice to your own kitchen.

Prayer Beads
“Those who plant, string, or count them do not get paralyzed.” (A local proverb). The prayer beads included among the souvenirs are made from bead tree growing in the region. The prayer beads are designed by Aunt Hanife who lives in Kemerkasim village.

Village Cheese and Village Butter
Village cheese and village butt er made of the milk of cows fed in natural and healthy life in Konuralp.